How to get aWebsite on the First Page of Google?

Great question here and to reply isn’t easy. But, I will try to list what I think is the best strategy to use to be on top of Google or other search engines. I list the following essentials:
1- Choosing a Domain Name that has keyword phrase in it. Branding Names like Telus doesn’t mean anything to Google eyes. For businesses that work locally, geo-domains is the best solution, adding a location in the domain like Not going to Exact Match Keyword Domains because of Google new rules where EMDs haven’t good points in their algorithms like few years ago. Partial EMDs are what you need.
2- Keyword Research: This is very important that your content, titles, descriptions, images naming, videos naming, articles, press releases etc. should be based on different keywords in your niche. Do not overdo it of course, use variations of keywords respecting a density of 1–3% only (same keyword must be at max repeated 3 times within a content of 100 words). Local businesses also should add their location in their websites as well as in videos, social media accounts etc…
3- A Theme or template: Having a theme or design that fit a business is important too. Visitors of your website will discover if it’s a related platform to what they need. Other factors here must be taken account like website speed, logo, text colors, quality of images, social media icons, contact page, company coordinates, address map, visible phone number etc.
4- Call to Action: Every website must have a Call to Action in various places of the site. A call to action can be a "Call us Now", "Get an Appointment Now", "Buy Now", "Limited Time Offer" etc. depending on a nature of a business.
5- Social Media Accounts and Interaction: Imagine, Coca Cola, Mc Donald, Tim Hortons, IBM, as examples, have Twitter accounts, Facebook Fan Pages, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Why? Because, everyone nowadays is using Twitter, FB, Instagram and hundreds other social media platforms to talk, exchange, inform everything online. That’s why any company, restaurant, spa, plumber, writer, drawer, athlete, school, politician, historian, garage… must have social accounts and not only that but use them, interact with people, clients, visitors
6- Optimized Website: For this purposes, many website owners use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to audit and then optimize their websites correctly in order to be on first pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Why? Being on Top spots of Google will generate you Free Organic Traffic meaning visitors to your site, calls for your business, leads and sales. The main factors to optimize a website can be: quality content, optimized blog posts, rich-keyword titles, using tags and meta-tags on the site, adding essential plugins, images & videos optimization, high speed, high quality Backlinks (to & from other authority websites), Including Videos, formatting every post, widget etc.
7- OFF-Page optimization: This kind of stuff is what is needed outside your website. There are niche related websites and blogs where comments should be done. Adding your business in Directories such as Yelp, Yellow pages, Manta etc.Creating mini-sites on high authority websites like Blogger, HubPages, Thumbler, MySpaceetc… just for adding few articles (content) in your niche or biz and link to your money-site or main website.
8- Clients Reviews: This is crucial. You must avoid bad reviews from non-satisfied clients. Yes, many competitors pay to get bad reviews for you on different review websites. There are many consultants doing Reputation Management for controling reviews, deleting bad ones but if you can yourself contact those posters (if they are your clients) to remove their review in exchange of for example 5–10% discount for their next purchase. Always check out reviews about your company or services by visiting reviews platform like Tripadvisor, Trivago etc.
9- Update your website: Don’t just build a website and let it alone! Google crawles new content each time and indexes it. Google love dynamic sites instead of static sites.
10- Blog Page: You must have a page for a BLOG and adding new content each week. content related to your products, services as well as other than that.
I think, I went through the main aspects on what is needed and how to rank page 1 to do to be on first page of Google. There are many other parameters for sure but those are very essentials.
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Thank you for reading.
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