still need an annual overhaul

The third point is whether the loose connection to periodically check the feed box. If the gap is bigger, cause a collision will make equipment rupture. The fourth point is: gold ore crusher though no lubricating oil, still need an annual overhaul, replacing lining board, the two screen surface finishing.

The motor to remove the check, and to the motor bearing oil, if the bearing is damaged, should be replaced the fifth point is to periodically check the screen body supporting device. Observation of hollow rubber pad has no obvious distortion or degumming phenomenon, when the rubber pad damaged or transition squashed when, should also change two hollow rubber pad. In general, the daily maintenance gold ore crusher includes surface , surface fastening, loosening  screen should be tightened; cleaning surface regularly.

Vibration for patent leather off site should be promptly repaired, derusting and painting, for processing the exposed surface should be coated with petroleum jelly to prevent rust. For other types of , the maintenance considerations apply equally, such as impact type vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen etc.. Customers in the use of these , special attention should be paid to these matters, to avoid causing unnecessary wear of equipment.

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