bengali rasgulla

rasgullaThis video is about Rasgulla recipe and how to make rasgulla to make soft & spongy Rasgulla at home.
Cow's milk is best for making Rasgulla
The rasgulla recipe in simple steps is as below:
Boil the milk to make chenna
Add vinegar till the milk curdles. You can now see that water and chenna are separate. Now you can filter it with a cloth and also add some water so that the tangy vinegar smell and taste is removed.
Now you can squeeze the milk, make chenna. Press chenna against your palms to make soft rasgulla.
Take around 800gms of suger to make syrup. Take about 400ml of water and keep it on flame to boil. Keep it on low flame and keep stirring. Your rasgulla when made will be absorbing this syrup.
Mash the chenna against your palm to make it smooth.
make small dumplings out of chenna and add in a pressure cooker. Once done add the rasgulla balls in the sugar syrup that you prepared.
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