A Knowledgeable jeweler

The overall integrity of the piece, and value, would be adversely affected by doing so.If the setting has no special merit, the decision must be an individual one, based on whether or not the stone appeals to you. As we have said, some older cuts are very lovely, while others may look heavy, dull, or lifeless. An unattractive older cut may have equal, or greater, value because of the improved make.

In addition, re-cutting can sometimes improve the clarity grade of an older stone.A word about re-cutting diamonds.There are many fine Tiffany 1837 cutters in the United States, New York City is one of the most important diamond cutting centers in the world for top quality diamonds, and many diamonds can be greatly improved by re-cutting.  The cost is surprisingly low when one considers the benefit to the stone, and effect of re-cutting on the diamond's beauty and value (sometimes the clarity grade is also improved).If you have an old-cut diamond which you don't care for, or a damaged diamond, your jeweler can consult with a diamond cutter, or refer you to one, to determine whether or not your stone can be improved by re-cutting and, if so, what risks and costs might be involved.

Today, few fine diamonds over one carat are sold without a diamond grading report, or certificate, as they are also called, from a respected laboratory.  Reports issued by the GIA/Gem trade laboratory are most widely used in the United States and many countries around world.A grading report does more than clarify the stone's genuineness, it fully describes the stone and evaluate each of the critical factors affecting quality, beauty, and value.  Grading reports can be very useful for a variety of reasons.

A Knowledgeable jeweler can help you decide whether or not a diamond should be re-cut, make arrangement for you, and help assure you that you have received the same stone back. For your own comfort and security, as well as the cutter's, we always recommend that prior to having a stone re-cut you obtain a Tiffany 1837 Necklaces grading report or thorough appraisal so that you have a point of reference when the stone is returned.


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