Linux automatically delete n days before the backup

For some computers in the enterprise, it is necessary to prohibit the use of USB/mobile storage devices for copying and copying files.

For disabling USB, we all have explanations. The younger points out several common methods here:


1. Disable the BIOS, USB port, ---

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3. Closed USB physical port

4. The registry disables USB


In this regard, can achieve the same effect, I here provide an easy language version of the USB device to disable the source code file \u0026middot;\u0026middot;\u0026middot;

- Insert a USB device, automatically disable the lock screen state, perform the following operations:

Different pop-up methods are provided to eject the device. If it cannot be ejected, it needs to be manually pulled out. Otherwise, the system will lock the screen and disable the keyboard and mouse.

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