Win8.1 system without inserting media how to restore the computer

In the process of using the computer, we often install some software, but sometimes the system suddenly has problems. At this time we do not want to reinstall the system and software, so we have to restore the computer, but many people do not, so Xiaobian finishing Win8.1 system without inserting media how to restore the computer tutorial, we hurry to see it.

Specific method of operation: (u disk boot disk production tool installed win8.1)

First, the system hot backup

1. Create a custom image from the command line tool (recimg.exe) to obtain the best state of the computer and create a custom image.

Open a command prompt with administrator privileges and enter the following:

Mkdir d:


Recimg /createimage d:


Command explanation:

/createimage - Captures a new custom recovery image in the specified location and sets it as the active recovery image.

After performing the above operation, it will be in d:

A CustomRefresh.wim file is created in the efreshimage directory. This is a backup of our system and is set by the system as an active recovery image. Later we can use this backup file to restore the computer.

2, we can use the reagentc / info command to view the system Windows RE status and restore the image configuration.

3. The recimg.exe command line tool allows you to configure a custom recovery image for Windows to use when restoring your computer. When you create a custom recovery image, it will contain the installed desktop applications and Windows system files in their current state. The recovery image does not contain your documents, personal settings, user profiles, or applications from the Windows Store, because this information is retained when you restore your computer.

When creating a custom recovery image, recimg stores it in the specified directory and sets it as the active recovery image. If you set a custom recovery image as an active recovery image, Windows will use it when you restore your computer. You can use the /setcurrent and /deregister options to choose which recovery image Windows will use. All recovery images have the file name CustomRefresh.wim. If the CustomRefresh.wim file is not found in the active recovery image directory, Windows will fall back to the default image (or installation media) when the computer is restored.

We can also unregister the current custom recovery image with the /deregister command:


After cancellation, as shown in figure:

After logging out, we can use the /setcurrent command to set another CustomRefresh.wim as the active recovery image:

Recimg/setcurrent D:VHD

The recimg /showcurrent command simply displays the path to the current active recovery image's storage directory, and the reagentc /info command can view the system's Windows

RE status and recovery image configuration.

Second, the method to restore the system image

1, the mouse sweep to the top right corner of the screen or the lower right corner appears 'Settings' button, click 'Settings' appears Settings panel, then click the bottom of the 'change computer settings', then click on the bottom left of the screen 'update and restore', and finally click The following 'restore', on the right side of the open option, points to 'Restore the computer without affecting your file' 'Start' button, after which the computer enters the recovery process.

Please note that you cannot use the custom recovery image created above to initialize the computer. Custom recovery images can only be used to recover the computer. And the recovery image CustomRefresh.wim can not be renamed, but can be placed anywhere.

2. The result of this recovery is:

(1) The activation status is consistent with the application and recovery system under the store.

(2) Third-party software such as ps, office, etc. installed by yourself is consistent with the creation of the recovery image.

If you want to reinstall, you can copy the sourcesinstall.wim in the image and rename it as customreferesh.wim, then recimg

/ Setcurrent x: Reload can be resumed, and recimg / setcurrent E: is not formatted on the C drive during recovery.

The above is the win8.1 system without inserting media how to restore the entire contents of the computer, if the above method does not work, then it is recommended that we reinstall the system is better.

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